ShAC Water Aerobics


Stay in shape and have fun doing it!

ShAC water aerobics classes are fun and designed for a good, safe workout for people of all abilities. In the water, participants with joint or back issues can move easily allowing for a full range of motion. 

Join the Fun

ShAC aerobics instructors have decades of overall experience to make being in the water enjoyable and safe, for any age. Driven by a passion for swimming and a family based work environment, the  water aerobics teachers are able to help students thrive in the water.

Water aerobics is a great way for anyone to get a workout using the natural resistance of water. The gentle resistance water supplies is perfect for a great workout. As well, the stabilizing nature of water allows people of all different abilities to get a safe and effective workout. 

Come to the ShAC and join the fun with several water aerobics classes options every day. Join the community! 

Drop In: $10 per class

4 plus Package: $8 per class

Classes offered - One Hour

Monday 7PM- 8:00PM (Instructor: Shavon)

Thursday 7:30PM -8:00PM (Instructor Shavon) 


Everyone must sign waiver