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Understanding technique, experience and being comfortable in the water are all huge assets to have. Children learning to swim and being comfotable in water at a very young age increases their safety from water related accidents tremendously. Starting youngsters out with a comfort in the water can set them up for success in sport later in life. 

Instruction matters

ShAC swim instructors have decades of overall experience to make being in the water enjoyable and safe, from toddlers to seniors citizens. Driven by a passion for swimming and a family based work environment, all of the swim school teachers are able to help students thrive in the water.

Everyone has special considerations when it comes to anxiousness and ability in the water, all the swim teachers have the experience to effectively overcome fears. Quelling anxiety leads to the ability to learn and practice safety techniques in the water.

Safety training is paramount for all students and a large focus early to develop good habits. After establishing comfort and safety the instruction focuses more on technique and goal achievement for becoming a skilled swimmer. Learning swimming at a young age benefits people tremendously throughout their lives. Even older people should learn how to be comfortable in the water, because it's never too late!  




New families can enroll through our parent portal. After new registrations, a representative from ShAC will call the new member . Classes start at 9:00AM and run every half hour until 7:00PM. Reserve your spot today!

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